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TV Show Wisdom: Make Room for Daddy

Danny Williams (Danny Thomas) to teenage singing discovery Janine Poloka (Brenda Lee): Look, Janine, you have a wonderful voice, you sing great. How many hours in a day can you sing? One hour? Two hours a day? The rest of the time, when you open your mouth, it will be to speak. In the years to come, it will be to speak to your husband, perhaps, or your children, your neighbors, members of your community. And, when you do speak, it better make sense, what you say; the sense that comes from learning.

Darling, an education is a very important thing; especially in these progressive times. There is room only for the educated today. Never before, in the history of the world, has education been so important than it is now. And, the entire fate of the world depends upon the education of our young people.

Now, I'm not saying all you kids are going to become nuclear physicists, but you shouldn't throw away the opportunity to learn. This chance may not come your way again, and your voice, your talent, is God-given; you'll always have that.  And, even if you decide, after it's all over, you want to be in show business, an education isn't necessarily a handicap. Don't throw away this chance, honey. Give your brain the opportunity to grow to the size of your voice.

Now, you can still take this contract if you want, but before you do, I'd like to call your attention to another contract.

This one is between two people, just you and me, And, in it, I guarantee to finance your education, all through college on the condition that, after you graduate, if you still decide you want to be in show business, you have to come back to Mr. Halper and me.

Now the choice is yours. Take whichever contract you want.

[Janine chooses the second contract.]

Mrs. Poloka (Naomi Stevens): Mr. Williams, you are a good man.

Charley Halper (Sid Melton) heads to the door, appearing shaken: Whew.

Kathy Williams (Marjorie Lord): Oh, Charlie, what's the matter with you? Don't be a sore head.

Charley Halper: Who's sore? After that talk, I'm so ashamed of myself, I'm going to sign up for night school!

Danny Williams discovers immigrant house cleaner, Mrs. Poloka's teenage daughter, Janine, is a tremendous singing talent (No kidding, Janine is played by singer Brenda Lee!) and wants to sign her to sing at his night club. Staring financial security for her mother and her dream to sing in the face, Janine considers dropping out of high school, smashing her mother's dreams for her daughter to have an education and security in America, to take the job. Once Mrs. Poloka reluctantly tells the unwitting Danny Williams her story, he realizes how short-sighted he may have been in his desire to sign a new discovery, and finds another way.

Make Room for Daddy
Teenage Thrush, 1961
Written by Jack Elinson and Charles Stewart
Marterto Productions

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