Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jeff Brown on Heroism

There are heroes everywhere on this planet. EVERYWHERE. If we only listen to the unconscious media and manipulative marketers, we will only recognize a small few. It serves those systems to focus our energies away from our own heroic nature. But if we look beyond those agendas, we will see heroes everywhere we look: parents who sacrifice so their children will have better lives, individuals who courageously challenge inhumane paradigms, brave folk who steadily overcome their emotional debris and find the faith to go on, homeless people who find their optimism again after a night on the streets. Simply overcoming the distracting and repressive weight of the world is a heroic gesture, seldom acknowledged. It takes a hero to brave this life. It takes a hero to live authentically. It takes a hero to keep their heart open after a lifetime of disappointment. Let's expand our definition of heroism. Lets look for heroes in unexpected places. Lets look for them in quiet corners. Let's even look for them in the mirror. There are heroes everywhere on this planet.

Jeff Brown

Source: Jeff Brown on facebook.

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