Saturday, October 30, 2010

James Freeman Clarke on Leadership

A politician thinks of the next election. A statesman, of the next generation.

James Freeman Clarke


M. Scott Peck on Pressure

The truth is that our finest moments are most likely to occur when we are feeling deeply uncomfortable, unhappy, or unfulfilled. For it is only in such moments, propelled by our discomfort, that we are likely to step out of our ruts and start searching for different ways or truer answers.

M. Scott Peck


Mohandas Gandhi on Discourse

Honest disagreement is often a good sign of progress.

Mohandas Gandhi


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Susan Jeffers on The Journey

As long as I continued to push out into the world, as long as I continued to stretch my capabilities, as long as I continued to take risks in making my dreams come true, I was going to experience fear.

Dr. Susan Jeffers


Cus D'Amato on Fear

The hero and the coward both feel exactly the same fear, only the hero confronts his fear and converts it into fire.

Cus D’Amato
Fight Manager


Thursday, October 21, 2010

Jon Stewart on Paybacks

To fight back, I have prohibited my employees from describing events in esoteric terms.

Regarding NPR's decision to forbid its employees from attending the Rally to Restore Sanity in Washington DC on October 30th.

Jon Stewart
on Larry King Live, CNN, October 20, 2010